NewJeans’ Hyein Debuts Her Latest Hairstyle — Netizens React

“Her vibe is crazy…”

NewJeansHyein is going viral for her latest hairstyle.

Hyein |

On April 6, NewJeans uploaded photos of member Hyein. In the picture, Hyein is seen rocking Louis Vuitton, for which she is an ambassador.

Alongside the designer handbag, the idol is seen rocking a new hairdo! Instead of straightening her hair or putting her hair in a bun, the idol is seen sporting waves!

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

The idol is seen complimenting her new hairstyle by wearing a black textured dress top and bright blue flared pants.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Netizens were floored by Hyein’s new iconic look and praised her for pulling off the hairstyle. Many netizens stated that the new hairstyle was already their favorite.

  • “Her vibe is crazy…”
  • “I wish she’d style her hair like this instead of making her hair all jagged and pointy.”
  • “I love Hyein’s vibe.”
  • “Hyein’s facial features are really strong, so she matches well with straight hair that falls to the sides of her face.”
  • “I can’t believe she was born in 2008.”
  • “She’s pretty AF.”
  • She looks like a rich family’s daughter who is modeling. She’s so pretty.”

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Source: nate pann
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