NewJeans’ Hyein Goes Viral For Her Mature And Flawless Visuals At The Diesel Pop-Up Event

Could Hyein be K-Pop’s next “IT” girl?

2022 has definitely been the year of the girl groups, and it seems like the world just can’t get enough. In particular, HYBE sublabel ADOR‘s newest group NewJeans has gained a lot of attention from global fans.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Despite the controversies surrounding their agency and CEO, the members of NewJeans have wowed fans with their insane talent, on-stage presence, and charisma when performing on stage. They also are praised for their adorable visuals that showcase their undeniable energy.


One of the members that always gained attention is the maknae Hyein. From the moment she debuted, the idol already wowed netizens with her past as a massive K-Pop fan and her insane talent when it came to performing.

NewJeans Hyein | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Over the past few days, fashion brand Diesel has held events in Korea attended by some of the biggest celebrities, including idols.

One of those was NewJeans’ Hyein and from the minute she stepped out of the car, netizens were wowed with her elegant and modelesque visuals.

Aside from her initial aura, netizens couldn’t stop praising the idol’s outfit choice. Considering how young she is, the elegant dress seemed extremely appropriate for Hyein, as the modest neckline and length of the dress allowed the idol’s visuals to shine but were not too revealing.

The addition of the small silver bag was also a nice touch, not only adding some color but also sticking with the more Y2K vibe the group has been praised for.

Even in close-up shots, the light and more simple makeup allowed Hyein’s natural visuals to shine and was definitely more age appropriate.

She even seemed effortlessly confident when videos were taken of the idol inside the pop-up store.


When the images were shared, netizens couldn’t get over Hyein’s flawless visuals. For many, they believe that she is one of the true visuals of fourth-generation idols, adding that she could easily be a model in the future.

Yet, the comments about Hyein looking like she should be a model aren’t too surprising. Even before debuting, the idol was already walking the catwalk and showcasing her unrivaled charisma and stage presence in front of crowds.

After only debuting a few months ago, Hyein and NewJeans have already made their mark on K-Pop. Hyein’s visuals and charms truly shone and, even at 14 years old, the idol has proved she can stand on her own at huge events.