NewJeans’ Hyein And Haerin Go Viral After Shocking Fans With Their New Mature Styling

“They pulled it off so well. Out of their recent stylings, this is my favorite…”

NewJeans‘ members Hyein and Haerin are going viral for their new mature styling.

Haerin | @newjeans__haerin/Instagram
Hyein | ADOR

Ever since their debut, NewJeans has been synonymous with great style. The fact that the group’s members have each snagged some of the most prized and lucrative ambassadorship deals with the world’s most recognizable luxury brands attests to this.

NewJeans | Korean Herald

Whether the members dress down casually or glam it up for the cameras on the red carpet, the girls always leave fans and admirers breathless.

So it was no surprise that on March 29, a photo of the group taken of the group at an Apple event went viral. What netizens weren’t ready for, however, was the incredible transformation of members Hyein and Haerin.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Hyein and Haerin surprised fans with their more mature styling. Haerin wore a powdered blue high-neck dress, while Hyein stunned in a brown bolero jacket.

| theqoo

The two youngest members of the group wowed netizens with their new style. Netizens praised the members for pulling off a more mature and professional look.

  • “Wow, they look so pretty. The style looks so good on them.”
  • “They both look so pretty, it’s crazy.”
  • “The babies look so good in this type of styling too. It’s so pretty.”
  • “They both are pretty AF.”
  • “Hyein is the epitome of gorgeous.”
  • “Wow, all of NewJeans’ members are pretty.”
  • “Hyein looks so good with that hair.”
  • “They all look so pretty in their own way…”
  • “They pulled it off so well ㅠ. Out of their recent stylings, this is my favorite.”

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Source: theqoo