A Viral Comment By NewJeans’ Hyein Has Fans Shook At The Reminder Of Her Young Age

This really puts things into perspective 😳

HYBE Labels‘ new girl group, NewJeans, debuted out of seemingly nowhere, and they were met with mixed reactions due to their catchy songs but questionable lyrics and underage members.

NewJeans | HYBE Labels

The group’s maknaeHyein, has been gaining the most attention because of her young age. She was born on April 21, 2008, making her only 14 at the time of her debut, and currently.

Hyein | HYBE Labels

This isn’t the first time a 14-year-old has debuted in K-Pop — older idols such as IVE‘s WonyoungNCT DREAM‘s Jisung, and SHINee‘s Taemin all also debuted at 14, along with several others.

Even so, there’s a lot of controversy over K-Pop idols debuting when they’re still so young, and a recent comment by Hyein has netizens’ heads spinning at the revelation of just how young she is.


On August 6, the NewJeans maknae made the comment that the COVID-19 pandemic began when she was in elementary school.

Translation: Hyein was in elementary school when COVID hit…
I can feel the f*cking age difference…

The comment went viral with netizens sharing their shock at the realization, as well as what sorts of things were happening for them when they were in elementary school or when the pandemic began.

  • “Omg, I was 20 when it first broke out”
  • “MERS broke out when I was still in elementary school”
  • “I was already an adult when MERS happened”
  • “Swine flu broke out when I was in elementary school” 
  • “Well, when I was in college there was a thing called SARS…”
Hyein | HYBE Labels

Did Hyein’s comment make you feel old too?

Source: The Qoo