NewJeans’ Hyein Is Going Viral For Her Unexpected Interaction With A Young Male Fan At Incheon Airport

“Maybe that’s why Hyein appreciates it…”

A huge topic in K-Pop recently has been airport etiquette as more videos of idols being mobbed have gained attention.

With such a negative discord about the culture, it wasn’t surprising that NewJeansHyein has gone viral for a very different interaction with a young male fan at the airport.

NewJeans’ Hyein | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

On October 1, Hyein was seen at Incheon Airport ahead of her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. As expected, the young idol looked chic and youthful in her outfit and interacted with those around her.

As she walked through the airport, the crowds weren’t as busy, but some were trying to get the young idol’s attention, but very politely. In particular, one young boy was seen near the security guards calmly walking with Hyein.

The fan then tried to give Hyein a letter but was quickly pushed back by the security guards. Yet, rather than continuing to be persistent, he calmly moved away from the idol.

Hyein noticed the young fan and quickly turned to retrieve the letter from him, which he handed to her and quickly moved back away so she could continue walking calmly and safely through the airport.

After the boy gave the letter, Hyein looked fondly at the gifts that she had been given and as the idol continued through the airport, the young boy couldn’t be seen again.

When the video was shared…


THIS IS CUTE 🥺 im glad hyein noticed him and took his letter 🙁 <3 #newjeans #hyein #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

♬ all too well – speduptayrey⸆⸉

Netizens couldn’t stop praising the behavior of the fan and Hyein. The topic of airport etiquette has been a massive debate, especially when speaking about the safety of those at the airport, but this young fan showcased true heart and it wasn’t surprising that Hyein made time to interact with him.

While it was a small gesture from the young boy and a mutual sign of respect from Hyein, after the recent footage of idols’ departures and arrivals, it was a breath of fresh air to see such a positive interaction.

Source: Newsen