How Does NewJeans Feel When Other K-Pop Idols Cover “Hype Boy”? The Idols Humbly Respond

“The first time when I saw it, we were really…”

From fellow K-Pop idols like BTS‘s J-Hope

…and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun busting out the moves to “Hype Boy”, there’s no doubt that NewJeans‘ song has become a hit among fans and idols.

Even comedian Yoo Jae Suk had to join in on the craze, along with the dance making its way onto a segment of SNL Korea.

Since the group debuted a little over six months ago, NewJeans spoke with NME magazine to share their reactions to all the love they’ve received from fellow K-Pop idols.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

On what’s helped “Hype Boy” become so beloved by Koreans, leader Minji pointed out their use of “hype,” which was initially uncommon. She explained, “Once brought to people’s attention, I think it felt fresh and had the power to bring out a joyful energy that uplifts people’s spirits. Maybe that’s the reason everyone hyped to ‘Hype Boy’.


And when it came to seeing other K-Pop idols get hyped to “Hype Boy”, Minji revealed how surprised and grateful NewJeans had been.

When we’re performing ‘Hype Boy’, everyone’s singing together. It’s amazing. Like when we go to university festivals, they all sing along with us.

And when other senior artists covered ‘Hype Boy’, the first time when I saw it, we were really thankful and a little shocked.”

— Minji

Hanni and Minji. | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

They’d been so excited to see their seniors covering “Hype Boy” that Hanni shared a video of SEVENTEEN singing it on their BE THE SUN world tour in NewJeans’ group chat.

Despite all the love and attention NewJeans has received, the girls have remained humble and appreciative of their seniors and fans.

| @NewJeans_twt/Twitter
Source: NME