Korean Designer Releases NewJeans-Inspired Clothing Line

The similarities are evident!

NewJeans‘ massive success in K-Pop has seen the young group receive many awards and accolades. From becoming a second million-seller with their debut album to being appointed as the honorary ambassador of Seoul Metropolitan City — it feels like the girls have done it all already!

Now, we’re witnessing yet another sign that points to the group’s success after Yoon Ahn, creative director of AMBUSH, announced her most recent collection for Fall/Winter 2023. The collection focuses on the concept of individuality in today’s context, and the designer has taken inspiration from no other than K-Pop sensation NewJeans!


Ahn herself described the collection as “the kids partied too much so they got sent to private school.


The pieces in the collection are based on school uniforms, similar to the ones NewJeans wore in their “Ditto” and “Hype Boy” performances, as well as Japanese school uniforms.


Yoon’s influences this time around included Aphex Twin and K-Pop group NewJeans, Japanese private school uniforms, Kinji Fukasaku’s cult 2000 film Battle Royale, and dark techno.


Even without Yoon Ahn’s statements on the collection, NewJeans’ influence is clear. It’s easy to spot the gray-colored, slightly oversized blazers, as well as the blue shirts underneath. The knee-high boots also look similar to the socks NewJeans rocked in their “Ditto” music video, making the similarities even more evident.


Aside from their styling, it seems like Yoon Ahn herself has taken a big liking to NewJeans across the board! Before the collection was announced, fans spotted “Ditto” and “Hype Boy” in the director’s New York Fashion Week playlist on Spotify.

Yoon tends to tie in her collections to music, and the repetitive nature of the genre’s beat helped guide the uniform concept. ‘It’s not as twisted or colorful as a rave,’ she said, ‘it’s repetitive and a little darker.’


Since NewJeans is the primary inspiration behind the collection, it’s likely that we might see the members wear some of the pieces soon. Fans may have gotten a glimpse of the collection last week when Minji attended the ceremony where NewJeans were appointed ambassadors of Seoul.

| @korea_odyssey/Twitter

The top she was wearing appears to be one of the pieces from the new AMBUSH collection.


The news of the new clothing line has delighted NewJeans’ fans, who have always enjoyed the group’s whimsical and innovative fashion. Many have shared how happy they are to witness NewJeans impacting the fashion industry, alongside the K-Pop sphere!

Source: VOGUE