NewJeans Is Ranked Shockingly High On Spotify For K-Pop Artists With The Most Monthly Listeners

For a rookie group with only four songs, this is incredible!

It seems like NewJeans‘ popularity just keeps growing every day, despite the girl group debuting less than three months ago!

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

They’ve been ranking high on various music charts, breaking records for rookie K-Pop groups, and are well on their way to winning end-of-the-year music show awards.


And when it comes to streaming, they’re taking the lead for all fourth generation groups!


In a listed ranking for the top 40 K-Pop artists with the most monthly listeners on Spotify — which is different than followers in that monthly listeners are those actively listening to their music — NewJeans is ranked the highest of any fourth generation K-Pop group. This is despite having just four songs in their discography so far!

| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

They come in sixth overall in K-Pop artists with the most monthly listeners, surpassed only by BTSBLACKPINKJungkookTWICE, and Lisa, all of which are huge names in K-Pop.

BTS | BigHit Music

At this time, they have a total of 8.70 million monthly listeners. The fourth generation K-Pop artist with the next-most monthly listeners, IVE, currently has 7.95 million followers, with TXT coming shortly after with 7.48 million.

| @koreansales_twt/Twitter

It really goes to show just how huge of an impact NewJeans has already had on the K-Pop industry as monster rookies!


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