NewJeans Fanbase Caught Mocking Another K-Pop Idol; They Claim Innocence, But People Aren’t Convinced

They claim they were hacked.

For the last couple of days, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been sharing gorgeous photos of herself on vacation, showcasing the beautiful scenery as well as her stunning figure and pretty visuals.


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The comments on her social media posts have been overwhelmingly positive as fans compliment her beauty and live vicariously through her vacation photos.


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However, as is the case for any popular celebrity that makes posts of themselves living their best lives, there are bound to be haters who make rude and spiteful comments towards them. Lisa, unfortunately, isn’t an exception, but a recent comment made on a post about her vacation photos has been gaining attention due to the account behind it.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On Pop Crave‘s post about Lisa’s photos, a well-known NewJeans fanbase called @NEWJEANSGLOBAL on Twitter made a comment stating “She looks terrible” followed by a bunch of rude emojis.

The account, which has over 144k followers, quickly released a statement claiming that they’d been hacked.

However, by that time, the damage had already been done. The topic “APOLOGIZE TO LISA” started trending on Twitter, and multiple Lisa fan accounts were claiming they were getting blocked by @NEWJEANSGLOBAL (something that was allegedly done by the “hacker”, though no evidence has been shown).

Since then, @NEWJEANSGLOBAL has made a formal apology to Lisa and her fans. In the post, they shared what they claim to be “evidence” that they were hacked, such as messages being sent to users in Arabic.

Even this backfired, however. Netizens have looked at the Arabic used in the messages and claim that it seems to have just been translated through Google translate, rather than sent by an actual Arabic-speaker. Others claim that these messages alone aren’t proof that the account was hacked, and think that the post on Lisa’s photos was made accidentally by someone on the @NEWJEANSGLOBAL account who meant to make the comment on a backup account instead.

The post even became a topic of conversation on an online forum because of how much it spread online. There, too, netizens are sharing their speculations that they weren’t actually hacked in the comments.

This is where the situation stands at the moment. We hope that none of the K-Pop idols or fans involved in the situation have suffered too much because of it, and that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa