NewJeans Has Already Accomplished Something On Spotify That No Other K-Pop Girl Group Has Before

Talk about a monster rookie group!

HYBE Labels‘ newest girl group, NewJeans, has been taking the K-Pop industry by storm. While they have dealt with some controversy and backlash due to the young ages of the members, their music has been overall very well-received.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Though they officially debuted on August 1 with the EP New Jeans and song “Cookie”, the group had already shared pre-release singles “Hype Boy” and “Attention” leading up to the debut that built up excitement and anticipation. The album also included a fourth song called “Hurt”.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

NewJeans has already been making waves in the industry with the album, making over 444,000 pre-orders and thus breaking the record for the highest number of pre-sale orders for any K-Pop girl group.

New Jeans cover

They’re also the first K-Pop group overall to occupy the top 2 positions on every single Korean music chart since BTS accomplished this in 2020, and the EP had around 2.06 million streams on Spotify Korea on its first day, the most streams for any K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2022.

And now, the group has accomplished something that no other K-Pop girl group has in the past!

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

They’ve now become the first girl group to occupy the top four positions on the “Spotify Daily Top Songs” list in South Korea.

“Top Daily Songs” in South Korea on Spotify

“Attention” comes in at #1, “Hype Boy” at #2, “Cookie” at #3, and finally “Hurt” at #4.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

It’s incredible to see how much this brand new rookie girl group has accomplished already, and it will be interesting to see what else they’ll bring to the K-Pop industry!