A Blend Of All NewJeans’ Members’ Faces Together Is Proven To Be The Ultimate Visual

Do you see each member?

Each member of NewJeans is beautiful in a different way, from Hyein‘s cat-like visuals to Minji‘s classic beauty and Danielle‘s bright smile.

Hyein (NewJeans) | SBS

Given that they all have uniquely pretty visuals, it might be expected that a blend of all of them would be equally as gorgeous — and based on a recent online post, that is exactly right!

Danielle (NewJeans) | SBS

Minji (NewJeans) | SBS

On a post on an online forum, a photo was shared that someone made that shows an example of what a person might look like if they had all of the NewJeans’ members’ facial features mixed together.

Hanni (NewJeans) | SBS

Haerin (NewJeans) | SBS

The result is undeniably gorgeous, even if it does also look a bit uncanny! You can see a bit of each of the members in the morph, though all together it somehow doesn’t look like any of them.

NewJeans’ face morph | Instiz

Korean netizens shared their reactions to the picture on the post, comparing the face morph to some already-existing Korean celebrities such as Kim So Yeon and Kim Yoo Jung.

Kim So Yeon

Kim Yoo Jung

| Instiz

  • Wow it’s a new person
  • Wow
  • She looks like a sharper Kim Y J
  • Me too. When they fused 2? members, I started thinking the same
  • I’m curious who that is
  • Miss Kim Yoo Jung
  • But they got into a fight about it on YouTube
  • Why??

International fans also shared their opinions, with many people only seeing a couple of NewJeans’ members in the morph… But different people see different members, which kind of proves that the morph was successful!

Whether you see all of NewJeans’ members in the face morph or not, it just goes to show that they all have beautiful visuals that still look incredible blended together!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa