NewJeans’ Minji Shocks Netizens With Her Visuals And Aura At A Chanel Event

She continues to prove her influence!

NewJeansMinji has shocked netizens with her effortless visuals after attending a Chanel event in Korea.


As one of Chanel’s house ambassadors, Minji has attended events worldwide for the brand, showcasing her visuals, charm, and influence. It was no different when she attended an event that was held in Seoul for the brand.

Making her way out of the car and in front of the media, Minji looked cool, calm, and composed as she reacted to the reporters’ requests.

In the photos taken by reporters, Minji had a very sophisticated outfit and seemed more mature than her previous appearances. She sported a dark navy ensemble which was minimalistic in design but made to stand out with the accessories, it also emphasized her unreal proportions.




Of course, the fan sites attending made sure to get equally, if not more, beautiful photos of Minji at the event. @Allure_0507




When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over how good Minji looked in her outfit and that her visuals truly shined at the event.

As always, Minji proves why she is the perfect Chanel ambassador.

Source: theqoo and KOREA Dispatch


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