NewJeans’ Minji And Danielle’s Unexpected Interactions With TXT Showcase The Dynamic Between HYBE Artists

They’re like one huge family!

Since debuting in 2022, NewJeans has gone from strength to strength, gaining attention for their talent, visuals, and personality. Also, although they are signed to ADOR, which is a sublabel of HYBE, NewJeans still have a great relationship with HYBE artists, including TXT.

Recently, netizens have been loving the friendship between the members of NewJeans and TXT.

Members of NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

The members of TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

On Friday, TXT had an interview on Music Bank that was being co-hosted by NewJeans’ Minji.

When the interview ended and the cameras switched off, Minji and TXT started bowing as a sign of respect as the members walked away.

The moment that stood out the most was after Minji and Beomgyu bowed to each other.

Beomgyu then bowed again but went even lower, and this was followed by Minji bowing again, shockingly getting even lower than the TXT member. Her bowing then got lower as Hueningkai and Soobin also showcased their manners.

When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get over the so-called “Bowing Battle” between Minji and TXT. In particular, the NewJeans singer and Beomgyu seemed to be trying to “out-bow” each other to show their respect for each other.

If that wasn’t enough, TXT and NewJeans met again when they both appeared on Inkigayo, with TXT’s Yeonjun and NewJeans’ Danielle as hosts of the show. Along with the hugely viral and adorable moment when Danielle called Yeonjun “Yeonjun Bro…”

Following that adorable interaction, another clip gained attention on TikTok from the show, and it was just as the show was ending, and NewJeans was celebrating their music show win.

As the group’s hit track started playing, Danielle instantly turned to her side and started bowing to the members of TXT who were next to her.

Behind her, Beomgyu was also bowing to those around him, including his junior artists. When Danielle noticed Beomgyu was standing there, she instantly bowed to her senior, and then it was returned by the TXT singer.

The top comment on the TikTok account even joked that whenever they see interactions between TXT and NewJeans, it seems to be a battle of who can bow the lowest.

As expected, the members of TXT and NewJeans are not only respectful to each other but radiate true sibling energy in their interactions. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the net TXT x NewJeans crumbs.

You can read more about TXT and NewJeans interactions below.

NewJeans’ Danielle And TXT’s Yeonjun Earn Attention For Their Unexpected Interactions On “Inkigayo”

Source: KBS KPop