Netizens Are Loving How NewJeans’ Minji Looks With Her Recent Eyebrow Makeup

Do you prefer straight or arched?

In the K-Pop industry, it seems like there are trends for nearly everything, from clothing to hair to makeup looks all to the tiniest detail.

One part of an idol’s makeup that seems small but can have a drastic difference in how someone looks is how their eyebrows are done!

Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) with straight vs. curved brows

Recently, NewJeans member Minji trended on an online forum because of the way her eyebrows were seen styled differently than usual.

Minji (NewJeans)

In the past, it seems like she was usually given a more arched brow, often with a noticeable taper from the center to the outer tip of the brow.


In recent appearances, however, it seems her stylist wanted to refresh her look with straighter, more uniform brows.

The difference is pretty subtle, but it definitely gives Minji a different kind of look! Of course, she looks gorgeous regardless of how her brows are styled.

Comments on a post sharing her straight-brow look show an overall positive opinion on the new style, but most think she looks beautiful regardless of how her makeup is done!

Do you have a preference for straight or arched brows?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa