NewJeans Minji’s Recent Update Causes Heated Debate Among Korean Netizens

She changed her “Phoning” status.

Even the smallest actions of K-Pop idols can sometimes spark heated discussions among fans and Korean netizens. This is exactly what happened after NewJeansMinji changed her status on Phoning, the fan communication app used by the group.

The update? A simple hug emoji 🫂.

Minji’s previous status was a blue heart emoji.

What made the update controversial in some netizens eyes was the timing of Minji’s status change. It came amidst a growing public dispute between HYBE, the parent label of NewJeans, and Min Hee Jin — the CEO of their agency, ADOR. While the emoji might seem innocent, it has led to heated debates online regarding its timing and intent.

Fans and casual observers alike are trying to decipher whether this is a message of solidarity, a plea for peace, or just a regular update without hidden meanings.


On theqoo, a popular forum, the change in status did not go unnoticed. Users have been quick to express their thoughts, ranging from support to skepticism. Some see Minji’s update as a strategic move, perhaps signaling support for the CEO of ADOR during this conflict. Others argue that the public is reading too much into a simple emoji, attributing unnecessary drama to an innocent action.

| theqoo
  • “There are a lot of crazy people…”
  • “If she’s not going to clarify her position, she’d be better off not doing anything. Doesn’t she have anyone around her to give her that kind of advice?”
  • “Seems like she’s going to go with her mom.”
  • “People criticize everything.”
  • “I’d rather her make her position clear instead of doing sh*t like this… Like, I have a NewJeans fan at home and they’ve locked themself in their room and haven’t eaten anything today.”
  • “[Phoning is a] communication app for NewJeans.”
  • “It’s always the people who aren’t even NewJeans fans talking sh*t. Minji, we believe in you.”
  • “Why even fuss over this? LOL, they’re guessing everything and saying whatever…”
  • “I’m not too sure about this… But since we say bunnies live on the moon, and the fandom name is bunnies… Don’t you think the heart is for her fans? She seemed like a member who showed a lot of love for the fans.”
  • “Can’t people just stay quiet until the results are out? It seems like they’re desperate to criticize.”
  • “It’s been 48 hours since their name (and their ‘consent’) was mentioned in the official statement calling their hoobae group a ‘subtype’ of theirs. But instead of addressing that, she’s going to go around changing her status message?”
Source: TheQoo


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