Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To NewJeans’ “OMG” Music Video And The Way It Approaches Certain Sensitive Topics

The video deals with topics like mental health and past controversies.

Since debuting in 2022, ADOR‘s newest group NewJeans has taken the K-Pop world by storm, breaking records and gaining attention for their music, talent, visuals, and charm.

Yet, the group’s newest song, “OMG,” has received mixed responses from netizens.

The members of NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR

The group recently released the music video for their song “OMG,” which lasts almost seven minutes. Throughout the video, the song follows the members and is set in the location of a hospital.

With such a unique concept, it isn’t surprising that the scenes were unlike anything really seen by fourth-generation idol groups. Each member had their own story, and the scenes could be interpreted in a number of ways.

One of the most poignant scenes came at the end after the credits.

A computer screen appeared with someone sending the message, “Am I the only one uncomfortable with this music video’s material? Just show their faces and dance.” The girl is then taken away by Minji, who is believed to be a doctor. Many believe this scene is linked to the criticism the group and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin faced.

When the music video was released, it got millions of views within hours. Many fans couldn’t get enough of the unique concept the video had and the fact that the members were touching upon the hate comments they got.

Yet, while many fans seem to have positively reacted to the concept of the music video, particularly the direct reference to the hate comments the group received, others have shared different views.

For many, they didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of using mental health as an aesthetic to create a music video. While others, including Korean netizens, didn’t like the way “hate comments” and those sending them were automatically linked to mental illness.

Aside from the topic of mental health being used, some netizens didn’t feel comfortable that Min Hee Jin was taking the serious allegations surrounding her and turning them into a “negative take on netizens” to create support.

While the topic of mental health is something often mentioned in music and videos, many feel “OMG” is trivializing the concept. Combining it with trying to combat “criticisms” of Min Hee Jin through the members has also made it seem like the group is being used to hit back at trolls and those who spoke negatively of the group before their debut.

Source: Nate and HYBE LABELS