NewJeans Make An Unexpected Cameo At The Recent “VALORANT Champions Tour” Thanks To K-Pop Fan, Fnatic’s Boaster

The professional VALORANT player has shown his love for other K-Pop groups before.

K-Pop girl group NewJeans continually goes viral with their catchy songs and fun choreography.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Not only is the group continually breaking records, but fans trend the group’s songs on social media, participating in the viral challenges.


mini omg fancam 🐇🐇🐇 love covering a dance where i actually like the outfits 🤭 PLEASE watch the ofish cover on ytttt #pupuwiwi #omgchallenge #omg #newjeans #kpopdance #kpopfyp #fyp #haerin

♬ OMG – NewJeans


aye so cool cover us @_jcdacillo @axllcab #omg #newjeans #fyp #omgchallenge #kpop

♬ OMG – NewJeans

And recently, the group made an unexpected cameo at the VALORANT champions tour (VCT) LOCK//IN.

The VALORANT esports tournament was recently held in São Paulo, Brazil, where 32 professional teams competed against each other for three weeks.

Picture of a VALORANT competition | RIOT GAMES

One in-game leader, Fnatic‘s Boaster, whose team won the tournament, is especially known for his entertaining entrances.

And his love of K-Pop.

K-Pop fans were excited to see that he used NewJeans’ “OMG” as his entrance music for the Grand Final, even dancing along to the track.

And used a gif of NewJeans in a tweet expressing his excitement for the Grand Final.

Fans loved the entrance, joking that his song selection helped Fnatic win the tournament.

And selecting Boaster as their “bias.”

K-Pop and VALORANT fans can look forward to seeing more of Boaster’s love for K-Pop.

You can read more about unexpected K-Pop and VALORANT crossovers here.

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Source: @bleedmagiix/TikTok

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