The Real Reason “Mr. Sunshine” Actor Lee Byung Hun Is Rooting For Newly Debuting Girl Group IRRIS

The group just made their debut.

Breaking into any industry is difficult, but trying to break into K-Pop as an idol can be downright cut-throat.

Every year dozens of group debut and a dozen more disappear.

In 2021 alone, 41 new K-Pop groups made their debut. That is slightly less than the 43 new K-Pop groups that debuted in 2020.

That’s 84 idol groups that debuted in a span of two years during a global pandemic.

With that said, new K-Pop groups will take any chance they get to stand out from other groups.

It seems girl group IRRIS has been gifted just that. The group, made up of members IL, Nina, Yunseul, and Liv, made news on July 6, just as the group released their music video for their debut song, “Wanna Know.”

From top left to right: Liv, IL, Nina. Bottom: Yunseul | Taewon Entertainment

News outlets reported that a coffee truck was sent to the group’s showcase by none other than Lee Byung Hun himself.

Many were surprised to see Lee Byung Hun rooting for a group whose debut isn’t even a day old.

But K-Drama fans may not be that surprised. The group’s name is a dead giveaway.

IRIS is a classic 2009 K-Drama that Lee Byung Hun starred in, and also featured actress Kim Tae Hee. The drama recorded a legendary viewership rating of 35.5%.

Turns out the CEO of the group’s label Taewon Entertainment, Jung Tae Won, is a long-time friend of the actor, and that the CEO named the group IRRIS after the drama!

Jung Tae Won’s Taewon Entertainment is a storied film production company making its first foray into K-Pop.

Poster for the movie Operation Chromite which was produced by Taewon Entertainment | Taewon Entertainment

Lee Byung Hun is rooting for his buddy to succeed like a true friend!

Whether the group will be able to emulate the drama’s success is yet to be seen, but if the group’s debut song “Wanna Know” is any indication, don’t be surprised if they do.

Check out the group’s debut MV in the link below!

Source: Wikitree and Joong-Ang Daily