Newlywed First-Generation Idol Gives A Glimpse Of Her Luxurious Home

The former idol recently got married in February.

Newlywed Seo In Young revealed her home as well as her pets.

Seo In Young |

On April 13, Seo In Young appeared on tVN Story‘s Lonely Trainer, where she revealed her luxurious home.

In the episode, Seo In Young met with the show’s host, animal trainer Kang Hyung Wook, to whom she revealed she was very excited to meet.

I’ve waited a long time. I’ve wished you would stop by.

— Seo In Young

Seo In Young then showed over her luxurious newlywed home and revealed one of the best perks of living in her neighborhood.

Kang Hyun Wook (left) |

This neighborhood is great for walking dogs. If my babies were my shoes in the past, it’s now my pets.

— Seo In Young

The former idol then revealed that if her newlywed husband hadn’t loved dogs as much as he does, she might not have married him.

To be honest, my husband wasn’t a fan of pets originally. If he said he didn’t like pets, I wouldn’t have been able to marry him. Now, however, he cleans up after them and gives them snacks.

My husband wasn’t used to living with pets, so I am thankful to him. His personality is the opposite of mine, and so I came to love him.

— Seo In Young

Meanwhile, Seo In Young first debuted with the first-generation girl group Jewelry. The former idol recently married her non-celebrity husband in February of this year.

Source: News1
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