News Of “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships” Happening Again is Not Welcomed By Netizens

ISAC will be held yet again despite opposition from netizens.

It has been reported that the bi-annual Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) will be filming on August 19th and 20th.


The Idol Star Athletics Championships began in 2010 as a Chuseok (Korean holiday) special and has continued a bi-annual tradition of the championships to this day.


Fans have continued to voice their opinions to stop the program due to the negative effects it has on the idols such as numerous cases of injuries or the long filming hours.

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Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the news of the upcoming filming of the program was once again not welcomed by netizens.

  • “Do you want to kill the idols?”
  • “Please stop already. Stop making our idols suffer.”
  • “There are so many idol groups who have concerts on the week of the filming…If they appear on the program, the broadcasting company is truly trash…Please, I hope they don’t come out.”
  • “Don’t come back and just stay out~”
  • “Let’s just close it down.”
  • “No, please don’t call our idols.”
  • “Don’t don’t don’t don’t.”
  • “MBC…please stop…why do they keep doing this every year.”
  • “When will this go on until!”
  • “The idols are going to die in the heat.”
  • “When will it ever end?”
  • “Please go back…it’s time you stay in and not come back…”


Despite the harsh criticism, MBC will carry on with its schedule to air this year’s ISAC during the Chuseok holidays.

Source: Newsen