News anchor to receive disciplinary action for mocking SNSD Tiffany on air

The news anchor responsible for mocking Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany live on air has been disciplined for his actions. 

Previously, we reported how a news anchor from MBN who openly mocked Tiffany for implying that she loves Japan over South Korea for her recent social media controversy. The anchor openly stated that he has no intention of apologising and has been warned by the censorship committee for his actions.

The committee stated that a number of news programs that reported negatively on Tiffany’s controversy have been warned for their actions on air.

Recently, the censorship committee of Korea stated that two of many news programs that reported on Tiffany’s social media controversy have been warned for their actions on air. The news programs who got the same warnings as MBN’s News Fighter and News Big 5 and YTN’s YTN24. 

The committee warned news agencies of such bold acts and stated that,  “Broadcasts should always be dealt in a factual and objective manner. Viewers should not be confused with unconfirmed nor should news programs mock or make light of a specific person on air.” 

You can check out the full clip below again.

Source: Mediawatch