News Anchors Get Severely Punished After Dancing To BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “FLOWER”

The news industry is not happy.

Five news anchors in Hong Kong are in hot water after dancing to BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s “FLOWER,” in a clip that went viral after getting called out by their sunbaes and bosses in the news industry.

News anchors dancing to Jisoo’s “FLOWER” | @mcyannayu/Instagram

Since Jisoo’s “FLOWER” challenge started earlier this year, thousands and thousands of people from all over the world have joined in and had fun with the dance.


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♬ 꽃 – JISOO

Many fans, and even non-fans, filmed the challenge with their pets; the videos are simply adorable.

Despite all the fun, the dance challenge has gotten some news anchors in trouble. Three news anchors from Hong Kong’s Cable TV News recently celebrated their last day at the company. As part of the celebrations, the three, along with two other news anchors, danced to “FLOWER.” The clip was then uploaded to Instagram.

News anchors dancing to Jisoo’s “FLOWER” | @mcyannayu/Instagram

Not a professional cover.
We’re five flowers that only practiced on this day.
But the heels are really noisy.

– Yanna Yu, News Anchor

The clip caught the attention of Raymond Wong, Chairperson of the Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting and former Assistant General Manager of Television Broadcasts Limited. He left a comment on a repost of the clip.

A true disgrace to the craft of journalism!

– Raymond Wong

According to reports, the Director of Cable TV News sent an internal email, with the subject “Usage of the newsroom.” In the email, the director stated that it should not be used as a stage for fun and games.

From gathering information to reporting news, the job is professional and serious. The professional image of Cable TV News was built up by hard work from everyone in the department and maintained by everyone’s persistence.

I hope everyone understands that the department is a single entity. There’s no individual vs. group. Your actions represent ‘Cable TV News.’ I hope everyone works together and be cautious with your words and actions.

The newsroom is the core of the news department and has symbolic value. Everyone should utilize its function and bring the quickest, newest, and most professional news reports to the viewers, and not treat it as a stage for fun and games.

– Email from Director of Cable TV News

The clip was deleted after going viral. One of the news anchors featured in the clip explained why.

Upper management is not pleased.
The dancing video has to be removed.
Thank you for everyone’s support.

– News anchor

According to the latest reports, news anchors Yanna Yu and Terrie Leung were to start a new job at a different TV network, but upper management of that network has put a hold on their contracts. Many industry insiders are doubtful they’ll be able to find a related job in the near future.

Terrie Leung | @terrieleung/Instgram

Watch the news anchors’ dance cover below.

Source: Line
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