Will Cherry Bullet Be the Next TWICE?

Who will follow in TWICE’s footsteps?

TWICE is no longer a syndrome, but a growing girl group who’s quickly climbing to the top of the music totem pole in all of Asia.

With their three songs of 2018, they racked up a total of 26 music program awards.

A big part of TWICE’s success this year can be attributed to their popularity in Japan. In Oricon‘s Favorite Artist Ranking of 2018, TWICE placed 15th as the only Korean artist on the list.

What’s especially surprising is that TWICE will be the first K-POP girl group to go on a dome tour in Japan this coming spring.

With their increasing popularity, it’s no wonder there are neverending talks about “the next TWICE”.

When IZ*ONE debuted, there were many talks about how they could be the next TWICE.

And in recent days, the soon-to-debut girl group, Cherry Bullet has been included in the conversation.

Cherry Bullet is currently training under FNC Entertainment, and the group consists of ten members.

Similar to TWICE, this group also consists of three Japanese members as well as one Chinese member. They are set to debut at the beginning of 2019.

Let’s wait and see who will follow in TWICE’s footsteps!

Source: Hanguk Kyungjae and Sports Dongah