N.Flying Has Earned Their First Win And Everyone Is Crying

We’re not crying, you are!

N.Flying has been rocketing to the top of music charts with their song “Rooftop”, what is most surprising about this is that “Rooftop” was released over two months ago and it’s only now getting attention.

K-Pop fans are overjoyed that such an underrated group is finally getting their time in the spotlight. N.Flying has it all: visuals, talent and good music.

A chart number one isn’t the only accomplishment ‘Rooftop’ would ultimately earn N.Flying, they performed the song on SBS’s The Show, a music show. They previously performed the song on music shows but decided to come back and perform them again because of the crazy new popularity of their music.

After a passionate performance, the end of the show came about and it was time to announce the winner. After their song not even being in the top 1000 on melon, to a meteoric rise to number 1, N.Flying was announced as the winner of their first-ever music show.

With tears in their eyes, the members thanked their fans for their support. Everyone was emotional.

We’re sure this won’t be N.Flying’s only win! They have a bright future, you can watch their performance below: