N.Flying Jaehyun’s Sexy Focus Cam Steals Fans Hearts And Goes Viral

“His face looks like a sculpture…”

N.Flying has recently been climbing to the top of the music charts with their new song “Rooftop” and fans have been falling in love with the members all over again.


And while all members have been exuding their exceptional charms, one member has caught the eyes of fans in particular. A focus video of the drummer, Jaehyun, has been going viral as fans simply could not hold back their praise for the idol.


While it is generally easier for the vocalist or guitarist to receive more attention in a band, fans could not help but notice the drummer who exuded an ethereal, yet sexy charm.


With stunning visuals and his even more stunning drumming skills, netizens were clearly won over.

  • “Wow…the way his hair blows in the air and the smiles he sends every so often, I’m won over.”
  • “His face looks like a sculpture…This is the first time seeing him but he has a very attractive aurora about him.”
  • “Why is he so sexy. How can that hairstyle suit him so well. If I did that I’d look like an ape.”
  • “It’s usually corny when someone plays the drums like that but when he does it, damn he is so fine.”
  • “Wow… he looks like a Japanese anime character.”
  • “It seems so sexy…He’s so charming…I keep watching it over and over again…That tired expression on his face is just the best.”


Check out the full video below:

Source: Youtube