Fans Accuse N.Flying’s Kwangjin Of Sexual Assault, Dating Scandals And More, Demand Removal From Group

Fans are furious.

Fans of N.Flying have been boycotting and demanding the removal of member Kwangjin for his alleged sexual assault, dating scandals, attitude and more.


The boycott arose when an online community post claimed that the idol had sexually assaulted fans, dated fansite masters after seducing them and more.

“Since his debut, he dated fans by seducing them, sexually assaulted them, badmouthed his members and company to fans, and said things like ‘I don’t want to be a singer, I’d rather just go to the army,’ or ‘The base is convenient because I only need to move my fingers around.’ The worst thing was when he said, ‘There are other girls who are meant to go to the brothels,’ to a fan. A public figure using a word that the average person doesn’t even use to a fan?”

ㅡ Online community user


The poster continued by posting an extensive list of accusations made by fans against the idol.

“I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even talk about it until now. Around last winter, Kwon who was not even my bias kept flirting with me at fansign events, asking me out and telling me not to date my boyfriend. During one fansign, the tables were set particularly close. He was saying let’s be in a fake relationship and then he said no, let’s be in a real relationship instead and while he was saying this, he locked my knees between his legs and bounced them. I’m getting the shivers just thinking about it again. That’s sexual assault, you jerk. If you did that in front of 100 people at a fansign, I can’t imagine how he normally treated his fans.”

“Do you know what N.Flying’s Kwangjin said to me when I was depressed because of dating violence? He said, ‘Until when will you live like that? There are other girls who are meant to go to the brothels.’ You said that because you thought my family was wealthy. If I was poor, would that girl whose meant to go to a brothel be me?”

“Just a few days ago, he scanned me from top to bottom as soon as he saw me and said, ‘Looks like you lost weight.’ During a fansign, he also said, ‘Before, you were bloated like this.’ I sometimes wonder if I go to see you guys to be judged for my body. I was really hurt because of you.”

“Kwangjin was bragging about himself, saying how he doesn’t understand how an international fan from a country that’s known for having nice bodies would come to Korea just to see him. Then he suddenly looked at me and said, ‘**, you would be considered beautiful in another country too.’ No matter how I think of it, it can only mean I’m ugly in Korea.”


After word got out, fans began to spread the hashtag #Disappointment_KwonKwangjin_Leave (#팬기만_권광진_탈퇴해), demanding him to leave N.Flying.

“Get rid of Kwangjin. The only answer for N.Flying is one without Kwangjin.”

“Please just leave.”

“I wish you can just stop. Please leave.”


N.Flying is a South Korean rock band managed under FNC Entertainment that debuted in 2015. The group consists of leader Seunghyub, bass player Kwangjin, guitarist Hun, drummer Jaehyun and vocalist Hweseung, who also appeared on Produce 101 Season 2.


Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment has yet to release any statement regarding the controversy.

Source: Pann Nate and My Daily