N.Flying’s Seunghyub Dishes On Details About His Solo Single “Clicker”

Who else can’t wait for his solo debut?

N.flying’s Seunghyub, also known J.Don, has recently shared more juicy details about his upcoming solo single debut album “On the Track” and its title track Clicker

On February 11, Seunghyub’s agency, FNC Entertainment shared interesting details regarding Seunghyub’s solo debut song Clicker

For one, it was revealed that Seunghyub will be promoting under the stage name J.Don for Clicker.

The title track Clicker holds an 80s funk genre as well as a 90s groovy hip genre. As for the lyrics, the company revealed the lyrics hold the meaning of being able to change a negative mindset into a more optimistic perspective. 

The title of the album, “On the Track” also is shared to contain a beautiful meaning as it represents Seunghyub’s new journey and track as a solo artist!

The solo was first announced through a teaser that asked the question, “Who am I?” Later it was revealed to, of course, be Seunghyub!

Since Seunghyub has written and composed several of N.Flying’s biggest hits, including the popular Rooftop, fans speculate that he also composed his solo release.

Seunghyub solo album “On the Track” is set to release on February 22 at 6PM KST. Who’s excited?!

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