N.Flying’s Seunghyub Announces Exemption From Military Service

The leader has been deemed physically unable to serve.

During an interview for N.Flying‘s latest single “Oh really.”, the topic of leader Seunghyub‘s future military enlistment came up. In response to the issue, the group’s eldest member delicately revealed that he’d been exempted from the mandatory service.

In Korea, men must enlist in the military before they turn 28 but can also join as early as when they pass the required physical exam after their nineteenth birthday, something that member Hweseung did. As such, it’s been expected that the Seunghyub, born in 1992, would soon be enlisting.

The meeting was the leader’s first time mentioning his exemption, a decision that stemmed from a conversation he had at a fansign with a fan who was wondering when he was going to leave. He addressed all of the questions with great care and poise.

I know how important the compulsory military service is and how it can be a sensetive subject for many. I’m very sorry for creating a situation in which I am not able to fulfill that duty and where I am disappointing you with my inability to serve.


Seunghyub’s exemption comes as a result of a prior yet ongoing leg injury that required two separate surgeries in 2014. It was so severe that Seunghyub shared, “it even delayed my debut.”

Even now though about five years after my surgery I often still feel [physically] uncomfortable. After energetic performances my legs still swell, even if I am happy, content, and in good spirits.


He said that he has to “constantly exercise” and sometimes use special physical therapy exercises to maintain good health and reduce pain, as it “hurts your daily life [if you don’t].”

Quite a few other idols have already enlisted this year, including BTOB‘s Sungjae, PENTAGON‘s Jinho, and EXO‘s Suho. Others who are anticipated to join them later this year include MONSTA X‘s Shownu, Block B/soloist ZICO, EXO‘s ’92 line Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Chen, and BTS‘s Jin.

Seunghyub’s news came during the same interview N.Flying discussed their latest single “Oh really.” and upcoming mini-album So, 通 (소통). It is the group’s seventh mini-album and their first with their new member, bassist Dongsung.

His fellow members and fans have all shown concern about his injury over the years and wonder if this is a sign of things to come. However, they all also believe that he’s making the best decision for the group, and more importantly, for his health and his future.

Source: Newsen