NGT48’s Agency Responds To Yamaguchi Maho’s Assault Incident, Fellow Japanese Idols Show Support For Maho

Fellow idols from the same management have spoken up to show their support.

The terrible incident of NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho’s assault recently came to light when the Japanese idol herself recounted the story on Twitter.


Maho recalled being assaulted by two men in her home and later explained through posts on Twitter that a member had told the two men when she’d be coming home.


Then on January 9, she apologized for causing trouble and deeply bowed in front of the audience at a performance.


All of her Tweets were later deleted and summarized with a single Tweet in which she apologized and wished for everyone’s happiness, safety and health.

I’m sorry for shocking everyone. You may have felt scared after hearing what happened to me. I’m really sorry. I thought there could be others who have gone through the same thing, so I thought I could be of help. I pray every day for a time where we can live happily, safely, and healthily.

— Yamaguchi Maho


The group’s agency, AKS, has since released a statement, explaining the situation and apologizing for their shortcomings.

Source: Twitter @76do_


Meanwhile, fellow idols under the same agency have been speaking up and showing their support for Maho. HKT48’s Sashihara Rino took to her Twitter to deliver a message regarding the issue.


Other idols who spoke up for Maho included AKB48’s Masuka Yuka…


AKB48’s Mukaichi Mion…


AKB48 and NGT48’s Kashiwagi Yuki…


Former NGT48 member Otaki Yuria…


NGT48’s Kitahara Rie…


Former HKT48 member Ito Raira…


Former HKT48 and AKB48 member Ota Aika, and more.


Moreover, fans have been making an effort to spread the news by trending the hashtag, #JusticeForMahohon.

Source: Daily Mail