NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho Assaulted By 2 Men After Member Allegedly Leaks Personal Info

She recalled the terrible story on Twitter.

Japanese idol, Yamaguchi Maho of NGT48 came home after a show when 2 male “fans” barged into her house and assaulted her.

The incident occurred last month when Yamaguchi Maho was arriving home when two men barged in, grabbed her by the face, and assaulted her.

The two men, who are said to be unemployed 25-year-old college students, were arrested but soon released after being indicted. NHK News confirmed parts of Yamaguchi Maho’s story after speaking with the police. They uncovered that the men were released because they claimed they only wished to “chat” with her.

The story first came to light when Yamaguchi Maho personally held a live broadcast on a popular streaming show, called Showroom. She recalled the events that had happened.

With tears in her eyes, she explained that she was always cautious of her surrounding when coming back home. She checked outside as usual before closing her door when a hand grabbed the door.

A man grabbed her by the face and pushed her to the ground. Believing that she would die if she gave up, she fought against him when the second man seemed to come out of another apartment that belonged to a fellow member.

The two men assaulted her, while muffling her screams by putting their hand over her mouth. She was fortunately able to get away when the sound from an elevator distracted the culprits.

Before she was able to finish her story, her session was cut short. Soon after her, Maho took to Twitter to explain that a member had been behind the attack. She revealed that the member told the two men when she’d be coming home.

Although she was attacked, she remained silent for a month because her management told her that they’ll take care of it. However, it appears that the management hadn’t taken any action, which led to Maho revealing her story on Showroom.

She emphasized that she doesn’t want any of the hate to go to NGT48. She wished none of the backlash landed on the members who worked very hard for the group. She simply wanted her story out, so that her story can help create change – a change where the other members can live a safer life.

She soon deleted her Tweets and concluded with one simple tweet. She apologized for shocking the public with her story and prayed for everyone a happier, safer, and healthier life.

“I’m sorry for shocking everyone. You may have felt scared after hearing what happened to me. I’m really sorry. I thought there could be others who have gone through the same thing, so I thought I could be of help. I pray every day for a time where we can live happily, safely, and healthily.”

— Yamaguchi Maho

AKS, the group’s management, remains silent about Yamaguchi Maho’s story.

Source: Xports News and NHK News