Nichkhun might meet with Scarlett Johansson while she’s in Korea

2PM‘s Nickhun may be interviewing Scarlett Johansson on KBS2‘s Entertainment Weekly while she visits the country to promote her latest film, Ghost in the Shell.

On March 17, multiple insiders from the entertainment industry have confirmed that 2PM’s Nickhun is currently in talks with interviewing Scarlett Johansson while she’s in Korea promoting her newest film, Ghost in the Shell.

Insiders state that Nickhun was chosen for his fluency in English, and believed he would be the perfect candidate to be interviewing her for the entertainment news show.

According to Scarlett’s agency staff, she will be arriving in South Korea on March 17 to attend a press conference for her film in Seoul’s Grand InterContinental Grand Ballroom, and filming for the interview will be held on March 18.

Currently, Scarlett has no other plans to star on any other Korean entertainment shows.

Source: OSEN