Former KARA Member Nicole Reveals Why She Chose To Be Solo

She’s done so much after KARA

K-Pop star Eric Nam sat down with former KARA member Nicole to catch up on everything that’s happened since she’s left. One major focus of the discussion was Nicole’s reasoning for leaving KARA in 2014.

After the two talked about KARA’s debut and success, Eric Nam asked Nicole what it exactly was that made her want to do her own thing.

Nicole reassured him and the viewers that it was all about personal growth and a new experience.

I think I just wanted to try out new stuff too, and try out other things…and everyone was like very…it’s very nerve-racking when you have to come to the contract, the end of your contract point for everyone. Whether you stay or not. But I think it’s was because I wanted to try out other things.

— Nicole

Nicole revealed that her training period was not as long as many other idols in the K-Pop industry. She mentioned to Eric Nam that since her training was very short, she had lots of regrets.

Since my training period was so short and to be honest we didn’t have like a very professional experience. I always felt like I wanted to learn more or learn more properly. And we never had the time cause the time because we were so busy, and so at that time I also wanted to travel. There so many things I wanted to do also. Learn more properly. Whether it be dance or vocal-wise.

— Nicole

Overall, Nicole made it clear that she merely wanted to learn how to sing and dance properly.

I really enjoyed going to like New York and re-learning vocal-wise. Like I started from the bottom. Like bottom bottom.

— Nicole

Eric Nam replied to her explanation by bringing up the time when Nicole first joined his record label, B2M Entertainment. He claimed he remembered her taking a lot of training and working with many professional teachers there.

Check out the whole video below: