Nicole confesses to taking medicine to manage excessive stress

Former KARA member Nicole revealed during an interview that she was recently prescribed medication to help ease the extensive stress that she had been battling in preparation for her solo debut.

During an interview for the January 2015 issue of fashion magazine GanGee, Nicole stated, “While preparing for my solo debut, the fear of being judged on my talents and skills really overpowered me. The burden was just too much. I became so sensitive to the point that if someone had just slightly poked at me regarding the issue, I would burst into tears. I even reproached myself for letting my greed outrun me.

What I’ve learned from my recent promotions and debut is that no matter how much you stress out about it, the results will never come out as well as you expected.” The artist continued, “I even got medication prescribed for my excessive stress, but now that I look back, the stress was something I put upon myself.

Nicole then began explaining how she will now be more focused on preparing for her future albums while incorporating some freedom in between, saying, “I plan on becoming more free during my next album and more focused on having fun, rather than on perfecting everything. I have now come to the realization that everything has its own flow and that it makes things work out the way they should. Even this last album took a bit longer than expected and was postponed, but had we rushed into getting it out as originally planned, it would have been a lot worse than how it is now.

Lastly, the artist said that when an individual has something planned, a plan is just a layout of how to carry on with those actions, so never let your guard down and be quick to adjust to all the obstacles you may run into.

Many netizens who heard of the hardships Nicole has been through left comments of support, such as, “It’s okay, Nicole! You’re very talented and beautiful,” “Even if this debut wasn’t as good as you expected, we have faith in you for your next album,” and, “If I was Nicole, I would have just bought a few buildings off of the money she made during her KARA days and lived rich while collecting rent…but seeing how she keeps on trying to do what she loves is great. Fighting, Nicole!

Check out the full interview with Nicole in the January 2015 issue of GanGee magazine!

Source: My Daily

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