Nigerian Singer Lyta Accused Of Heavily Plagiarizing GOT7’s “Just Right” Music Video

The similarities are undeniable.

GOT7 fans are up in arms after discovering that Nigerian singer Lyta’s newly released music video has significant similarities with the group’s 2016 hit “Just Right”.

Lyta is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Nigeria who has amassed a notable following since his debut single was released in 2018. The music video for his latest track, “Hold Me Down”, dropped yesterday (August 14) and has already racked up over 300,000 views on YouTube. However, it didn’t take K-Pop fans long to notice the significant similarities between “Hold Me Down” and the music video for GOT7’s hit “Just Right”.

The “Hold Me Down” music video opens with a woman sitting in front of her vanity table in a bright and colorful bedroom.

As she puts on her makeup, her vanity drawers begin to shake. She peers into the drawers, seemingly wondering what’s going on.

Then, she decides to open the drawers—only to find a tiny version of Lyta inside, sitting on a makeup cushion while singing.

The focal point then changes as Lyta jumps to a table across the room and begins singing in front of a cereal box, surrounded by props like a milk carton. When she lifts the cereal box, more tiny dancers appear.

It’s certainly a super cute concept—but it’s not original. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same as GOT7’s “Just Right” music video, scene-for-scene.

Just like “Hold Me Down”, GOT7’s “Just Right” starts with a girl sitting at a vanity table. Even the placement of the furniture and framing of the shot is the same in these two music videos.

Instead of putting on makeup, “Just Right”‘s female protagonist uses a facial cleansing brush as her drawers begin to shake. She, too, peers inside, in a near-identical shot to that in “Hold Me Down”.

And sure enough, when she opens the drawer, a tiny version of GOT7’s Jackson is performing on a makeup cushion.

After a few intermittent scenes, the music video cuts to Youngjae dancing in front of a cereal box with a carton of milk in the background. And when the cereal box is lifted, the rest of GOT7 appears.

Other similar scenes include the artists dancing in bowls of M&M-style candy…

…and riding tiny model Zebras while reaching out to the female star.

Given that there’s no doubt “Hold Me Down” and “Just Right” have near-identical music videos, it’s no surprise that GOT7 fans are accusing Lyta of plagiarism.

Furious fans are calling on JYP Entertainment to take legal action, as well as asking Lyta to explain and apologize for the similarities.

Lyta, who has 1.4 million Instagram followers and 100,000 Twitter followers, has been active on social media since “Hold Me Down”‘s release. However, he is yet to comment. As of right now, fans are unsure whether Lyta or his label are responsible for the act of plagiarism.

Source: GOT7 - \"Just Right\" and Lyta - \"Hold Me Down\"