(★TRENDING) Nilo Blames Haters On Cancelled Concert, Not Lack Of Sales

His company said they cancelled the concert due to haters harassing him.

Despite being able to chart at #1 on MelOn against top-tier artists such as TWICE and EXO, solo singer Nilo struggled to sell any tickets to his concert Feel So Good and eventually had to cancel it.


According to MelOn statistics, over 800,000 people in Korea have streamed Nilo’s song “Pass By,” making it one of Korea’s top songs of the year.

Most of Nilo’s listeners are in their 20’s.


So it was shocking to see that no one seemed to want to purchase a ticket to his concert.


In fact, rumors are that 10 days after the concert tickets went on sale, only 90 tickets had been sold.

Nilo is having a concert? I heard he sold 90 seats in 10 days. Where’s he getting the confidence to do this?


However, Nilo’s agency Limez Entertainment has responded to claims that the concert was cancelled due to lack of sales, offering another explanation instead.

“An unspecified group of people repeatedly reserved concert tickets and cancelled them shortly after. This was disrupting the reservation process for general viewers as well. I received a call informing me that the concert coordinator could not hold the concert and that it was cancelled.”

– Nilo’s representative


The response referred to the people who reserved seats to troll Nilo, spelling phrases such as “manipulation (주작)“ and “fucking retard (개 ㅂㅅ=개병신)” with seats.


However, it’s hard to say that a few people reserving just a seats to spell out messages would be enough to disrupt the ticketing process for the general audience.

Source: Sports DongA