Nine Muses Confirms Their Upcoming Disbandment

Nine Muses is disbanding after 9 years.

Nine Muses, also known as 9MUSES, has confirmed that they will be disbanding following a final fan meeting later this month.


Their agency, Star Empire, released a statement regarding the group’s upcoming disbandment.

Hello, this is Star Empire.

Due to various reasons, including the conclusion of the contract, the company and the Nine Muses members have decided to end the group’s activities after a period of long and careful discussion.

We would like to apologize to all of the Nine Muses fans, MINE’s, for these news after a long time.

Nine Muses will release a digital single “REMEMBER” on February 14, at noon KST and all official activities as Nine Muses will be concluded following their final fan meeting on February 24.

We would like to send our gratitude to all of the Nine Muses members, who have shown themselves as the best artists, and MINE’s who have been with the group from August 12, 2010 until now, for the past 9 years.

In the future, the Nine Muses members will be taking on their own personal activities in various fields, please give them your support.

— Star Empire


Nine Muses has had a total of 14 members throughout their 9 year career, and have had many popular songs, including “News”, “Ticket”, and “Drama”. We wish the members good fortune on their individual careers following the disbandment of Nine Muses.

Source: Newsen
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