Nine Muses Keumjo Desperately Searches For Missing Dog, Fans Step In To Help

Everyone is making an effort to help find Jerry.

Nine Muses‘s Keumjo is desperately searching for her dog, Jerry, and fans are making an effort to help out.


On June 24th, Keumjo shared a series of posts on her social media asking people for help in finding her missing dog.

Translation: “If you live near Mangwon or are in the area and find a dog that looks like this, please let me know. Please retweet as well! If you try to touch him or catch him, he’ll try to run away so if you see him please let me know!! I’m posting photos of Jerry as well.”


She later uploaded fliers in hopes of finding Jerry more quickly.


With help from numerous people, Keumjo created a map that shows where Jerry was last seen.


And while many have tried to be helpful, it seems that she has been suffering from numerous prank calls as well.

Translation: “If this situation gets handled, I’ll take care of these prank calls no matter what it takes. How do you feel when you hear a desperate voice saying hello? Psychopath? Do you think it was easy for me to reveal my number? Am I an idiot to have trusted people in the first place?”


Fans have been sending Keumjo words of encouragement and support as she continues to search for her dear pet.

Source: Twitter