Nine Muses’ Kyungri shows off her completely bare face on camera

How does the usually sexy Kyungri look without makeup?

Nine Muses‘  Kyungri has made news in the past for showing off her no makeup picture , which revealed a completely different image than the one she usually has. While the idol is widely known for being one of the “sexy icons” in Kpop, her no makeup face showed off a more gentle and innocent image.

Now fans and viewers alike can learn how to recreate Kyungri’s look because on the upcoming SBS PlusStarGram” episode airing on October 25, 2016, the idol will reveal her usual makeup routine! On this episode, in order to demonstrate how she usually does her makeup, Kyungri removed all of her makeup on camera, thus showing off her complete bare face. After, she reveals how she creates her perfect “cat eyes” makeup which compliments her sexy image. The amazing transformation shows how much makeup can change one’s image.

Check out an image preview from the upcoming show below.


Source: Nate