Nine Muses To Make Comeback Without SungAh

Star Empire has announced that Sungah will not be participating in Nine Muses‘s (9Muses) upcoming album.

Nine Muses recently released their comeback teaser, but unfortunately also announced some sad news for their fans. Star Empire has released a statement saying that Sungah will not be participating in this comeback as she will focus on her individual activities.

“After a long discussion, we have decided to proceed with Nine Muses’ new album as Nine Muses, not as the special unit Nine Muses A.

This album will be promoted by Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin, and Keumjo.

We talked with Sungah about her future with the company and we came to a decision to support her individual activities. Recently she started DJing and studying music.

Please support Sungah who is challenging something new. We will do our best to continue providing good news about Sungah as soon as possible.”

— Star Empire

Nine Muses will make their comeback on June 19 with a new album.

Watch Nine Muses’s comeback teaser below.

Source: Star Empire