9MUSES warn fans about the danger of the new Samsung Note 7

During one of 9MUSES‘ recent live broadcast, the girls warned fans against the extreme dangers of owning the latest Samsung Note 7.

Aired on September 11th, a fan left a comment during their broadcast, warning members Kyungri and Keumjo against using their newly acquired Samsung Note 7.

Since the release of the company’s new Android “phablet” smartphone in August 2016, there have been several reports of the phone’s batteries exploding while charging, allegedly the cause of various fires reported including an SUV.

After reading the fan’s comment, Kyungri playfully joked, “I’m holding a time bomb everyone! I’ll throw it outside the moment it explodes,” as she holds her phone in-between her fingers.

Samsung has since voluntarily recalled the Note 7, offering a product exchange program with customers able to replace their phones with a Galaxy S7 or Edge, the price difference refunded, and a $25 gift card from a participating carrier.

Source: Naver and WikiTree