JYP Entertainment Is Criticized For Making Fans Kneel During Fan Signing Event

“Imagine spending a couple thousand to go to a fan signing event and be forced to kneel…”

Newly debuted NMIXX is facing criticism for making their fans kneel during a fan signing event.

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment
NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

A post on an online community revealed the picture of the fan signing event.

Picture of fans kneeling at NMIXX fan signing event | Nate Pann

The picture shows fans kneeling in front of NMIXX members who are sitting on chairs behind a table.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Imagine spending a couple thousand to go to a fan signing event and be forced to kneel,” “How embarrassing,” and “Why are they kneeling, for what?” and “The event organizers messed up.”

Other netizens commented, “Fans can easily stand and bend forward to talk to talk to them…” “Why are they forcing them to kneel to receive the autographs,” and “Those fans who spend all that money even though they get treated like that are incredible.

Comments on the post revealing netizens kneeling during NMIXX’s fan signing | Nate Pann
  • That’s crazy. Do you still want to spend all that money?
  • Ugh… how embarrassing;; What’s so good about them that you would kneel?
  • That isn’t the girl’s fault. It is JYP’s fault, don’t curse at them.
  • What are you doing JYP? Is it so hard to put a couple of chairs down?
  • That looks like a fan sign event from 2010…
  • The label is too much, this isn’t 2012. Give them chairs…
  • Not worth your money

NMIXX is JYP’s latest girl group that debuted in February of this year.

Source: Wikitree and Nate Pann
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