NMIXX’s Lily Confirms She’s Friends With Kep1er’s Mashiro And Shares Her True Personality

“She’s literally an…”

On the latest airing of Leisure With Lily, NMIXX‘s Lily revealed she’s close with a fellow rookie girl group member.

Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Lily confirmed it was Kep1er‘s Mashiro and gushed about the idol’s personality in real life.

Mashiro | @official_kep1er/Twitter

During the live broadcast, Lily read a question aloud and answered it just as quickly, “Do I know Kep1er’s Mashiro sunbae-nim (senior)? Yes.” They turned out to be much closer than fans expected.

As if it wasn’t surprising to viewers, Lily casually revealed how close they were, “I’m good friends with her.

Since some idols are required to have an image different from their true personality, Lily proved that wasn’t the case for Mashiro. Lily revealed that Mashiro was naturally caring and kind.

She’s literally an angel. She’s so nice.

— Lily

Since Mashiro spent a few years training at JYP Entertainment, it makes sense the two idols would be such close friends.

| @official_kep1er/Twitter
Source: Naver Live