NMIXX’s Lily Reveals That She Wrote The Legendary Narration In GOT7’s “If You Do”

It seems like writing is also one of her many talents!

During a recent interview, NMIXX‘s Lily revealed the story behind her legendary speaking parts in GOT7’s “If You Do.”

NMIXX’s Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram

On the newest edition of GOT7‘s Youngjae’s Best Friend radio program, NMIXX attended to promote their latest comeback, “DICE.” Fans were excited to see JYPE’s newest girl group interact with the JYPE alumni in a variety of ways including dancing to “Hard Carry,” which was released while Lily was a trainee.

While fans of Lily may know this, nonfans may not be aware that the artist was a trainee under JYP Entertainment for nearly 7 years following her appearance on K-Pop Star. During this time, groups like DAY6, TWICE, and GOT7 were active under the label meaning that there was a good chance trainees would be able to interact with these idols.

Lily just before joining JYP Entertainment.

Youngjae mentions this during one portion of the group’s interview, saying that the English narration in the bridge of “If You Do” was “a small connection” between him and the NMIXX member. The clip of her lines in the song was then played with Lily translating the meaning into Korean, surprising the group’s members.

Lily then reveals that she was 14 when the audio was recorded and that the staff instructed her to write the part herself!

Lily: It was in 2015, so I was… fourteen? Truthfully, I was a little surprised back then. I went to the studio and they said, ‘Lily, I want you to write this kind of lyrics. You have to be a mean girl who’s breaking up with her boyfriend.’ I didn’t know what was going on but I just said yes and wrote it.

Youngjae: You actually wrote the narration yourself?

Lily: The producer and I thought of ideas together, and I wrote it in English.

Youngjae: I didn’t know that before. [A listener commented], ‘Wow, I didn’t know that was Lily. That’s amazing!’

Lily: You didn’t know?!

It’s great to finally know the full story behind her iconic speaking role!