NMIXX’s Sullyoon, Lily, And Jiwoo Pick Their Favorite BLACKPINK Members

They’ve fallen for their seniors’ many charms.

As JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group, NMIXX looks up to the senior groups that came before them. One of those groups is BLACKPINK.

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After covering BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” in their own style, Lily, Sullyoon, and Jiwoo revealed which BLACKPINK members were their favorite.

Sporting a bright smile and two thumbs up, Jiwoo praised Jennie for being kind. Jiwoo said, “Jennie sunbae-nim (senior). She’s really, really nice.” She wasn’t the only one who thought so, either.

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When Lily answered the question, she gushed about how much she adored the group. She said, “I love BLACKPINK. I think my favorite would be Jennie sunbae-nim.” There was more than one member who caught Lily’s eye.

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She named another member who’s also a charismatic rapper. Lily added, “And Lisa sunbae-nim.

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Sullyoon had similar tastes as Jiwoo and Lily, also choosing the same member. Giving the cutest thumbs up as the other members did, Sullyoon answered, “Jennie sunbae-nim.

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Since the BLACKPINK members have different talents and charms, there’s a member who appeals to everyone and makes fans wonder who the rest of the NMIXX members like as well.

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Watch all of them share which BLACKPINK members won over their hearts with their many charms.