No Chill New Year’s: ARMYs React To BTS RM’s F**cking “Pissed” Greeting

2023 has not been off to the best start.

BTS‘s RM is wishing us a… new year.


Since the members opened their individual Instagram accounts, RM frequently shares his workout routines written on a whiteboard. Sometimes, he’ll include a message to ARMY, such as the “Merry Christmas” below.

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While we’re a few days into 2023, RM delivered a New Year’s greeting with his recent workout post.

RM uploaded his workout routine written on the whiteboard as usual. This time, his greeting was quite bold. He wrote, “Happy F*ckin’ New Year.”


Of course, we have heard RM curse before, especially quite a bit in some of the solo music. Still, it could be considered rebellious for a K-Pop idol to use profanity, so RM rarely uses it in everyday life. Although, his post surely has the same energy as this iconic video…

ARMYs recognized that RM’s post was out of the ordinary. He was clearly upset and vocalizing it.

So, shortly after RM’s post, ARMYs trended “pissed” on Twitter.

For context, on January 5, KST, multiple Korean media outlets reported about RM’s visit to the Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan. He had even shared some photos on Instagram that have since been deleted after the temple’s chief monk spoke to the media. Considering RM had gone to him in confidence only for his privacy to be invaded and publicized, it was alarming.

I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…😂

— RM via Instagram


The media reported RM had been donating 500 bags every year to Good World Charity Bank, a children’s relief organization headed by Venerable Deokmun, the head of the Hwaeomsa Temple. Still, RM had also spoken with monk Deokmun about topics such as enlistment. When the news spread, RM took to Instagram to express his shock.  He even added that he would go to a different temple in the future, followed by the hashtag “lowkeymustbelowkey.”

Next time I’ll make a quiet visit to a different temple…

— RM via Instagram


On a lighter note, RM previously shared New Year’s message on his workout whiteboard from ENHYPEN‘s Jake and Ni-ki!

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