Nobody Could Keep Their Eyes Off Irene At Paris Fashion Week

Irene really is an ethereal presence.

Red Velvet’s Irene is well-known as a CF queen and accomplished model. Fashion brands from all over the world flock to Irene to get her to model their newest clothes.

A recent addition to Irene’s growing collection of brand deals is Miu Miu, an Italian high fashion brand that designs and creates women’s clothes. Irene graced the attendees of Paris Fashion Week with her incandescent presence.

Outfitted in the latest Miu Miu fashion, Irene nailed the high fashion aesthetic with her pristine features.

She’s putting other fashion brands on notice, she’s the perfect person to model any of their work.

Irene looked so stunning that even more candid photos of her walking around the event seem like professional model shots.

After the photographers spotted Irene, they had to get a photo of her. Nobody could keep their eyes off Irene at the event.

Irene is a natural model and continues to land CFs wherever she goes.

Red Velvet