Noh Hong Chul remains in Europe after scandal

It’s been some time since Noh Hong Chul‘s scandal of drinking and driving. He quit all of his programs immediately after apologizing to the public.

After Noh Hong Chul stopped appearing on television in Korea, he had been spotted in Europe with a full beard. Previously, there were only pictures of him walking down the sidewalk. However, this time the fans captured him signing autographs for his fans in Europe. A netizen reported it on many online community sites under the title, “Noh Hong Chul during Europe Travel.”

As mentioned earlier, this is not his first time being spotted in Europe, however, many fans are happy to see him and a mass of attention is still circling around him over a few photos taken by the fans. His involvement as a permanent entertainer on Infinite Challenge surely adds on to all the attention he is receiving.

Many netizens are commenting that they have missed him. In fact, many are wondering when he will be coming back to the show. Many fans still love him as a person, but his mistake in drunk driving is yet to be overlooked. Especially since there are a few netizens who are still negative about him in Europe. Those netizens are pointing out that he is living a great life even after committing a crime in Korea. The justifications of his recent actions in Europe seem to depend on each individual’s perspective.

Source:  Cookie News