Noh Hong Chul’s BAC revealed to be 0.1%, driver’s license suspended

The results from entertainer Noh Hong Chul‘s impending DUI blood test have finally been revealed by the National Forensic Service (NFS) of South Korea on Friday, November 14.

It has been approximately one week since TV personality Noh Hong Chul was caught for drunk driving at a Nonhyundong customs checkpoint in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea around 11:55pm

According to Gangnam police officials, the entertainer refused to take a breath test when requested by the on-site officers who were present at the checkpoint, resulting in Noh Hong Chul opting to give a blood sample which was sent to the NFS for testing. The results of the blood test were analyzed for the last six days, raising the curiosity of many fans and netizens.

It was revealed that if the star’s blood alcohol content results in a level of over 0.05%, Noh Hong Chul would, beyond all doubt, have his driver’s license suspended, as well as ensure his departure from any television shows he has been appearing on.

On November 14th, a Gangnam Police Department official disclosed to Dispatch News, “We received Noh Hong Chul’s blood test results back from the NFS Friday morning. His blood alcohol content was running at 0.1%

Since Noh Hong Chul’s blood alcohol content was over 0.05%, the star’s driver’s license will be suspended and terminated, effective immediately.

At the time of the on-site questioning, Noh Hong Chul stated that he had only had a few sips of soju and wine, denying that he had been intoxicated. However, a blood alcohol level of 0.1% is definitely a state of intoxication, regardless of how sober he may have appeared. These numbers may ultimately result in not only a suspension of license but also a suspension of public appearances.

On the night of November 7th, Noh Hong Chul drove his Smart car where he tried to avoid the Gangnam customs checkpoint by taking a turn at a right-hand signal; however, he was ultimately stopped by a police official on the opposite side of the road where other checkpoints were also set up.

Noh Hong Chul refused to take a breath test after which he followed officials to the Gangnam Sungmo Hospital where Dispatch News witnessed the star exiting the hospital with a demoralized expression.

The Gangnam Police Department revealed on November 14th that, “We plan on investigating the core details regarding the routes in which Noh Hong Chul took while driving,” and that they will release a more detailed statement in the afternoon.

Noh Hong Chul has since been reflecting upon his actions after apologizing to the public for his mistakes, even withdrawing as a member of MBC‘s Infinity Challenge and I Live Alone.

Source: Dispatch