Noh Su Ram attends The 35th Blue Dragon Film Festival without invitation

Actress, Noh Su Ram, has garnered hot attention for her revealing dress after her appearance at The 35th Blue Dragon Film Festival in Seoul, on December 17th. After such media attention, it turns out to be that the rookie actress was actually not invited to the film festival.

On December 18th, a representative of the film festival stated, “Actress Noh Su Ram, who attended the red carpet photo zone with a revealing dress, was not invited to yesterday’s event. The invited award presenters and recipients attended the film festival. Noh Su Ram was the only actress who came without an actual invitation.”

Furthermore, “Given the circumstances, it was impossible to turn away an actress who had already dress up for the event. Because the seats were already reserved, we couldn’t let her in the actual event. She returned after the red carpet photo zone area.”

The netizens comments regarding the incident were not so favorable, including, “Why did she even go to the film festival?”, “So she just popped up at the event with a dress, dae-bak,” “What a noise-marketing,” and more.

Source: Ilgan Sports