Non-Koreans Are Pretending To Be Korean Companies And Making Money In Vietnam

It’s a bold business strategy to say the least.

In Vietnam, Korean products do very well. Due to the popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas, K-Beauty is also very prominent.


Because of this popularity, some companies in Vietnam are pretending to be from Korea. Take for example, Chinese beauty supply company Mumuso.


Despite being a Chinese company, their registered trademark is in Korean.


They don’t claim that their products are made in Korea. However, the packaging for many of their items look very familiar.

On the left are Mumuso’s Soothing Gels. On the right is Nature Republic’s.


You can’t deny that the packaging is too similar to be coincidental.

On the left are Mumuso’s Face Mask Packs. On the right are Nature Republic’s.


Mumuso will even have employees dress in Hanboks (traditional Korean wear) to greet customers during a store’s opening ceremony!


Whether you agree with their marketing strategy or not, the undeniable fact is that K-Pop is on the rise.


Source: Bada and Chic News